Sunday, March 4, 2012

40k Istavaan III Loyalist Pre-Heresy

Started the work of painting up my pre-heresy army for next years Standish Standoff. After reading the first few Horus Heresy books I really wanted to put together a pre-heresy army. Spcifically the loyalist from the Traitor legions that get wiped out on Istavaan III. I've gotten the whole force, and then some all assembled at this point. I'm planning a mixed chapter force consisting primarily of Luna Wolves, with Emperor's Children and World Eaters as well. Here we have the primed world eater. I kept each chapter to a specific chest and helm set. World Eaters will have the riveted skull chest.

My Emperor's children are the farthest along. I've actually busted out my spray gun for the frst time to get anice dark purple coat on them for the armor base. The Children consist of Saul Tarvest, Lucious (same as from the Choas Marine codex). I really liked the way Saul came out. I'll be painting the Dead marine he's on as a mix of Choas/pre-heresy emperor's children as at this point in the story the armor was in transition to the to bright purple of the chaos codex.

Last image is my luna wolves. Went digging for some alternate helms with head crest to mark out rank. I was going for the look of the armor from the Second Heresy book. I'll be using the space wolf codex for the list. Want to feild more than 2 HQ's and the build a hero rules of a Wolf Lord are just to good for the feel of these larger than life men. Loken Will lead the Luna Wolves in this fight. Well that's all at this point. More as this progresses. As always click the image for a larger version.