Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malifaux: Outcast, Steam Punk Abomination 3

My second favorite SPA. The head alone is just great. It really brings out the twisted version of Necromancy that Leveticus uses.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Malifaux: Outcast, Steam Punk Abomination 2

Here is the second SPA. One of my favorite of the castings. Although not as low as he should be the details on this model are awsome. Between the stitching and the metal hand I just love him.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Malifaux: Outcast, Steam Punk Abomination 1

Here is the first of the Steam Punk Abominations, SPA from here on out. I thought this guy was especially good for a cast as he actually is a Height 1 model as their rules state. I think the others should have been in a lower stand or position, maybe scuttling acrost the ground rather than being so upright. I think the use of gloss onthe brain/gore really helped to make those elements shine, pun intended and all. I love the SPA models and am looking to pick up a second set. Not sure how I will make them diffrent from this set. Not to much clothing to work with.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Malifaux: Resurectionist, Bette Noir

A really simple cast in my mind for Bette. Not all that much detail to draw out on her. And really no need for it. She is a spectral ghostly serial killing crazy and thus she should be. I kept her clothing dark to really draw atttention to the white skin. Allowing her to seem even more etherial in the dark. Although I liked teh way the eyes and lips worked out I am a little worried the lips withthe white face give to much of a DC's Joker look to her, still even if it does that isn't all bad. Still gives off teh whole creepy vibe well.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Malifaux: Outcast, Rusty Alice

Finished this up some time ago but as many of you know summer seems to be the bane of getting much gaming

done in a normal time frame. With that in mind I'll be putting the pictures up but with a bit less comments to try and get this blog out from the old fade.

Rusty we a pretty good model to paint overall. Her face was difficult due to the hair and clothing providing cover for about half her face while attempting to get a brush down on her. Still It worked out fine. I wish I was better at free hand I wanted to do somethign akin to plaid on her skirt but I didn't trust myself to screw it up. Plus I was on a time constraint to get her done for a local Malifaux league. I think the additional brass coloring for he metalic elements helped to give her that extra old world steam punky look rather than a more cyber punk aspect.