Saturday, August 21, 2010

Malifaux: Outcast, Rusty Alice

Finished this up some time ago but as many of you know summer seems to be the bane of getting much gaming

done in a normal time frame. With that in mind I'll be putting the pictures up but with a bit less comments to try and get this blog out from the old fade.

Rusty we a pretty good model to paint overall. Her face was difficult due to the hair and clothing providing cover for about half her face while attempting to get a brush down on her. Still It worked out fine. I wish I was better at free hand I wanted to do somethign akin to plaid on her skirt but I didn't trust myself to screw it up. Plus I was on a time constraint to get her done for a local Malifaux league. I think the additional brass coloring for he metalic elements helped to give her that extra old world steam punky look rather than a more cyber punk aspect.

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