Sunday, December 27, 2009

Griffin Cannon's: Part 1

I started work on these cannons to help me field a valid Griffin Temple army list for Confrontation: Age of the Rag'narok. Every faction list but Temple of the East requires a Cannon to fill out. Having two of the box's of metals I never picked up a plastic cannon and crew. I spent a couple hours on these cannons. I kept their painting simple as I wanted the crew to be more of a draw for detals. Cannons being of simple construction and a work machine I felt they shouldn't have much trimwork and the like to their layout. As always you can click the image to see the full size photo.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Griffin Executioner

Finally laid my hands on a blister of Griffin Executioners. Been wanting to pick up a set of these for some time now. Ihad originally thought they would be great as a D&D 4th edition Avenger miniature. Although now my gaming group is going to be rolling back into some Dogs of War soon, I was glad to have this unit in my free company. They perform pretty well on the table, although they are a glass cannon to be sure. Painting them was a bit of a treat. Although the second model in the blister was a bit of a let down. The details in the pocket of his chest left something to be desired. Still the armor and mask are such intresting aspects of the miniature that I truly enjoyed the details. Especially the mutagine syringe on the first minatures leg. (Second photo shows it best.)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Operation: Purifiers, Part 2

I finished up my unit of purifiers today with the last two. This leaves me with only 1 minature to finish until my Hybrid board game by Rackham is finished with all the miniatures from the set painted. I was experimenting with some highlighting for these figures, the blue dosn't work as well as some of the other color sets I've worked with. More color layering would work out better allowing the shades to work together better. Still the overbearing color layers almost seem to work with these miniatures evoking a feeling of blue-jean like material in the fabric of the figures. I think this works really well for them thematically. As always click the images for a full size image.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Back to the paint again.

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I took some time off from painting, then left my camera at my inlaws over Thanksgiving. I had gotten back into painting mid november and have been working to up my production pacing since then. As I was getting back into the miniatures I started off with some sci-fi work. I'd been playing a lot of Star Wars Saga edition, and was inspired to work on some power armored soldiers.
Although I don't play G.W.'s 40k I picked up a box of Space Marines to paint. I was in the mood for some power armored figures and had been seeing a number of space marines out on the tables in Crossroad games. Although I don't follow any of the chapter or typical painting scemes, I wanted to do some of my own designs. I tried to apply some decals, but failed misserably. I'll have to figure out how to apply them later on. I was inspired by the Outcast Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout III for the color sceme of these figures.
Lastly I did real fast paint job of a Star Wars miniatures figure, after reading the latest novel by Karen Travis. 501st Imperial Commandoes. I was inspired to get some commando's painted after my favorite Star Wars series.