Friday, May 28, 2010

Malifaux, Lilith Crew

Nothing much to say here just adding a group shot of the crew all together to give a feel for the forces as a whole. Click the picture for a larger view.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Malifaux, Lilith

Finally finished up Lilith and thus my Lilith crew box as well. My neverborn forces are now large enough to field a nice Brawl size game. I opted to paint her coloring scheme with two things in mind. First she needed to fit in with her own thematic forces. Thus her skin, skin wash and the insider coloring of her cloak was preset to fit with the Nephilim. After this I also wanted her to match with the rest of the neverborn. Primarily with Pandora. For this I decided to go with a dark royal purple color very reminiscent of the Neverborn faction color in the book. To tie her up with Pandora so a brawl size game fielding both masters would fit together, I opted to paint the candles a mystical green flame rather than a traditional yellow to red flame. The lighting effect was used with the primary green used on the Sorrows and Pandora herself. Coupled with the green skin wash tone of the Nephilim also help to tie the Neverborn together as a group. All told I think the model came out really well.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Malifaux, Mature Nephilim

Finished up the last of the minions for my Lilith crew, and man is he a big model. I kept the same skin and clothing scheme as I had been running with thus far. I wanted to have more of the green skin toning than in the Young Nephilim, as such I did the green wash a couple of times. I also kept the nails more bone in coloring than the stand out black of the young as well. I got to try out my kaki coloring on his arm and I loved how it came out on such a large area. I think I’ll use the same coloring for Papa Loco’s straight jacket. The blue came out pretty well even over this much area. The hooves came out really good in my mind. Still he should be fun to throw on the table and get some bodies ripped apart.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Malifaux, Young Nephilim

The typically shown young Nephilim are shown as more akin to gargoyles in coloring. I wanted a more uniform coloring across the Nephilim so they would seem more similar. Especially as the tots and young ones will age up as the game progresses. Again I washed with a green coloring. Although looking at the finished product I probably should have gone back and lightly washed them again when all was completed to give them some more coloring given how much skin they have showing.
Still the clothing came out pretty good. I will defiantly be using a similar coloring for the mature version. The wings also came out some pretty good coloring as well. Then again I didn’t care to much for the overall sculpt. One model had a real flash issue that I just couldn’t take care of. The model was to skewed across the mold line.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Malifaux, Terror Tot

Finished up the Terror Tots the other day. After painting them up I thought the skin was a bit too simple. So I added some blood effects to the models. This made them truly stand out as little horrors to behold. I particularly like the one on the far left. The way the blood came out spattered across it came out very well. I did a wash of green to give their skin an otherworldly ting. One of the stories about Lilith described her as having a green tint to her skin. So I wanted to apply that across the faction. I choose a fair skin color tone as the Nephilim are the Malifaux version of vampires. I thought the tots came out rather well. I’ll enjoy using them to rip up my opponents.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Malifaux Tournament, Results

Finished up the Malifaux Introductory Tournament a couple weeks ago on the first. It was a three round tournament, VP was given for victory or ties in a match. 3 for the win 1 for the tie. The match VP was used to decide who won each round. You signed up one master for the tournament then formed your crew when you sat down to your table. Each of the 5 tables had the Strategy special terrain feature and terrain preselected and laid out. Players would have the same strategy as each other on each table.

I got together some interesting specific terrain to represent the special terrain features on each table. We had a Campsite in the forest, an acid pool in the bogs, am Ancient Monument in the mountains, a graveyard in a pioneer town, and a soulstone vein in some ruins. We had six players participate, without the odd player I was not able to play. Amongst those 6 we had two Nicodem The Undertaker, Perdita Ortega, Marcus, Viktoria, and Som’er Teeth Jones. In the end Devon won with Nicodem, Second play went to Mark with Marcus, Third place was Tad with Som’er Teeth Jones. Michael with Perdita took fourth place, “The Big Cheese” took 5th with Nicodem. Young Ronny wasn’t able to pull a win out with the Viktoria sisters.

The last round of the tournament had some very heated games that kept a clear winner from being declared until late in each game. The first place table was a wonder to watch, every time I came over it seemed like the who was winning had swapped sides of the table. The worst was Marcus using Alpha on Killjoy and wreaking havoc on his own crews members.

Another interesting game to watch was Perdita vs Teeth Jones. The seemingly outclassed Goblins where able to pull out victory in the end using some devastating pig frenzies to wreak havoc on the closely packed Ortega clan while snipping at them from behind low stone walls with the goblin crews safe from piggy retribution, although one poor +twisted damage draw seemed to stop the goblins momentum late in the game.

In the end it seemed like the players had a great time all around and much fun was had.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Malifaux, Guild - Nino Ortega

I completed Nino Ortega today. Glad to have him finished, been wanting to get him on the table as soon as possible. I've had his base set up for some time waiting to get him mounted to the side of the gravestone. I thought it was an aptly dynamic pose for him to be diving straight out like that. With his long range I’m thinking he will be a great addition to the table with either Sonnia or Perdita. With him completed I only have two more Ortega family members left to paint before I start in on Lilith and her brood.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Malifaux, Guild - Francisco Ortega

Finished up the second of the Ortega family today. I rather liked this minaiture even with its simple single cast sculpt. It is such a western piece that I can't help but enjoy it. About the only thing out of place is the sword and bladed hilt on the gun. Otherwise he is so very western. I rather enjoyed finishing him out. I was starting to get lost in the sameness of his coat and boots before I got the details on his face and hat to really start making the miniature pop. As those elements came together I really felt like I had him in a good place to become something special.

Two Ortega's down three more to go.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Malifaux, Neverborn - Doppelganger

Finished up the Doppelganger. Wanted to get it done for the tournament so I could field a fully painted crew. Not to much of a fan of the model. I think I am about the only one who isn't. Probably why I didn't spend to much effort ont he model and just got it done for play on the table. It came out alright. Not to big a fan of the eye work I did. Although she does have a haughty glare to her face that is perhaps fitting for a monster bent on killing you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Malifaux, Convict Gunslinger

The Convict Gunslinger was an interesting piece to paint. Although a single piece sculpt he still had a number of interesting elements to him. The scars across his body along with free hand painting the stripes on his pants gave me more than enough to do while working on this miniature. I opted for blond hair rather than the punk green the miniature card shows. I just don’t see punk as really fitting into a western/Victorian/steam game. I know there are more examples of punk like clothing, and I was a child of the 80’s early 90’s. Still I just don’t care for the look at all. Besides between the Ortega clan and Pandora I’ve painted all the black/brown I can handle for hair. So more blond for more variety.

This is one of my few attempts at free hand painting. I don’t think the stripes came out perfect, but they are more than serviceable in my mind. Thankfully you won’t really be able to see more than front or back in practice. As the two sides don’t line up really well.