Saturday, May 15, 2010

Malifaux Tournament, Results

Finished up the Malifaux Introductory Tournament a couple weeks ago on the first. It was a three round tournament, VP was given for victory or ties in a match. 3 for the win 1 for the tie. The match VP was used to decide who won each round. You signed up one master for the tournament then formed your crew when you sat down to your table. Each of the 5 tables had the Strategy special terrain feature and terrain preselected and laid out. Players would have the same strategy as each other on each table.

I got together some interesting specific terrain to represent the special terrain features on each table. We had a Campsite in the forest, an acid pool in the bogs, am Ancient Monument in the mountains, a graveyard in a pioneer town, and a soulstone vein in some ruins. We had six players participate, without the odd player I was not able to play. Amongst those 6 we had two Nicodem The Undertaker, Perdita Ortega, Marcus, Viktoria, and Som’er Teeth Jones. In the end Devon won with Nicodem, Second play went to Mark with Marcus, Third place was Tad with Som’er Teeth Jones. Michael with Perdita took fourth place, “The Big Cheese” took 5th with Nicodem. Young Ronny wasn’t able to pull a win out with the Viktoria sisters.

The last round of the tournament had some very heated games that kept a clear winner from being declared until late in each game. The first place table was a wonder to watch, every time I came over it seemed like the who was winning had swapped sides of the table. The worst was Marcus using Alpha on Killjoy and wreaking havoc on his own crews members.

Another interesting game to watch was Perdita vs Teeth Jones. The seemingly outclassed Goblins where able to pull out victory in the end using some devastating pig frenzies to wreak havoc on the closely packed Ortega clan while snipping at them from behind low stone walls with the goblin crews safe from piggy retribution, although one poor +twisted damage draw seemed to stop the goblins momentum late in the game.

In the end it seemed like the players had a great time all around and much fun was had.

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