Thursday, May 27, 2010

Malifaux, Lilith

Finally finished up Lilith and thus my Lilith crew box as well. My neverborn forces are now large enough to field a nice Brawl size game. I opted to paint her coloring scheme with two things in mind. First she needed to fit in with her own thematic forces. Thus her skin, skin wash and the insider coloring of her cloak was preset to fit with the Nephilim. After this I also wanted her to match with the rest of the neverborn. Primarily with Pandora. For this I decided to go with a dark royal purple color very reminiscent of the Neverborn faction color in the book. To tie her up with Pandora so a brawl size game fielding both masters would fit together, I opted to paint the candles a mystical green flame rather than a traditional yellow to red flame. The lighting effect was used with the primary green used on the Sorrows and Pandora herself. Coupled with the green skin wash tone of the Nephilim also help to tie the Neverborn together as a group. All told I think the model came out really well.

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