Monday, May 24, 2010

Malifaux, Mature Nephilim

Finished up the last of the minions for my Lilith crew, and man is he a big model. I kept the same skin and clothing scheme as I had been running with thus far. I wanted to have more of the green skin toning than in the Young Nephilim, as such I did the green wash a couple of times. I also kept the nails more bone in coloring than the stand out black of the young as well. I got to try out my kaki coloring on his arm and I loved how it came out on such a large area. I think I’ll use the same coloring for Papa Loco’s straight jacket. The blue came out pretty well even over this much area. The hooves came out really good in my mind. Still he should be fun to throw on the table and get some bodies ripped apart.

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