Friday, May 21, 2010

Malifaux, Young Nephilim

The typically shown young Nephilim are shown as more akin to gargoyles in coloring. I wanted a more uniform coloring across the Nephilim so they would seem more similar. Especially as the tots and young ones will age up as the game progresses. Again I washed with a green coloring. Although looking at the finished product I probably should have gone back and lightly washed them again when all was completed to give them some more coloring given how much skin they have showing.
Still the clothing came out pretty good. I will defiantly be using a similar coloring for the mature version. The wings also came out some pretty good coloring as well. Then again I didn’t care to much for the overall sculpt. One model had a real flash issue that I just couldn’t take care of. The model was to skewed across the mold line.

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