Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pest of Flesh, Army of Dirz

These were a simple joy to paint. My first real attempt at speed painting. I did all four of these from start to finish in around 2 hours. I basically base painted the flesh and bone, then applied dry brushed layering and highlights over that, washed in some black, applied a second dry brush coat of highlight, then did a very thin wash of neon green to appropriate areas.

Their small size defiantly aided me in getting through them quickly. I basically did these on the side with left over coloring from the Aberation (coming soon).

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arkeon Sanath of the Dirz

This is perhaps the best of my works so far. I only say perhaps because I love my Aberation (coming soon). I do think this mini came out the best. The use of neon green mixed with a gold made for a very good scorpion poison colored green that I think fits the theme of this army REALLY well. I look forward to using this color in the future as well.

Seen in this picture as well as above is the green bottle of mutagenics that the Dirz use to amp up their fighters. Effectively super soldier drugs. An outward application is a slight green glow emanating from the eyes of Arkeon threw his helm. This is faint in the human soldier who simply use before a battle, later pictures with creatures will have a much stronger application of a thin neon green around the eyes due to them being consistently pumped with it.

Here we can see the shoulder guard styled like a scorpion in skeletal form. For this I chose to use the stylized neon green/gold mix that creates a sort of green mother of pearl coloring that seems to me to tie in close with the scorpion totem of the Army’s of Dirz.

Of note in the last picture is the bottom of the cloak. I overlaid a thinned out brown color over the green of the cloak effectively giving it a very dirtied/worn look that I feel fit this desert berserker well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morbid Puppets of Archon

For today I pulled out the two morbid puppets I've completed so far. I have about 4 more of these half way done, but these two were finished first. I chose to use a sort of sickly or decaying ash covered grass field for their basing as they are the marching armies of the undead of Archon. This was my first attempt at trying to put forth rust and wear on weapons and armor. Considering these mini's didn't take me NEARLY as long as any of the others and came out looking pretty darn decent I'm happy with them. Their not perfect, but they do the mood well enough.

One thing I am really wishing I had done originally with all the skeletons was to prime them in black. As it is I primed them all in gray so now I have a much tougher time using an ink to fill in the ribs and bones with black as I come back to them. Live and learn for sure.

This second morbid puppet has far better bone tone to it than the first. A deep and strong underlying black coat is surely the cause for much of this. Also the model was more open allowing me to get at the various surfaces a little easier.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Griffin Inquisitor & Eschelius the Ardent

Here we have my further work into the Griffin Inquisition faction of the game. I love Inquisitor of the Griffin as a model very much. Although as one of my first works (the first in fact) it didn't come out as well as I would have liked. Fortunately I have a second copy of this model that I will get back to in time, once my skills are better.

Eschelius the Ardent was an interesting piece to work on. It was the most I've had to assemble a mini before, coming in at 4 pieces (2 arms upper and lower body). This marked my first attempt using "Green Stuff" and I think it came out rather well. I made the mistake of assembling his upper and lower body together before I'd painted him. So the cloak was in the way for much of my painting. Although it also covers up any mistakes in painting that I made under it. Although this photo doesn’t show it to well, Eschelius is my first attempt at eyes. I think the white might be TO white for the base of the eye. Perhaps something a bit more off white next time, but they came out well enough. He doesn’t look cross-eyed anyway.

<.< Year of Mini's In review. Part 1

So it's been a long time. I got married to a wonderful woman, yay Megan. The planning of such an event expanded to crazy proportions. Thus I'd not had time to come back too this page, or even paint to much in the last year. I have however gotten FAR better pictures of all my painted mini's. So I thought I would start placing those up here starting with my oldest to the newest. With a few comments on them as we go.

Here we have a Templar of the Inquisition front and back. Already posted up this mini before.

This is the other Templar of the Inquisition from the same 2 pack of miniatures.