Friday, December 25, 2009

Griffin Executioner

Finally laid my hands on a blister of Griffin Executioners. Been wanting to pick up a set of these for some time now. Ihad originally thought they would be great as a D&D 4th edition Avenger miniature. Although now my gaming group is going to be rolling back into some Dogs of War soon, I was glad to have this unit in my free company. They perform pretty well on the table, although they are a glass cannon to be sure. Painting them was a bit of a treat. Although the second model in the blister was a bit of a let down. The details in the pocket of his chest left something to be desired. Still the armor and mask are such intresting aspects of the miniature that I truly enjoyed the details. Especially the mutagine syringe on the first minatures leg. (Second photo shows it best.)

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