Saturday, July 3, 2010

Malifaux: Outcast, Leveticus

Finally a model that came out more akin to what I was hoping for. Painting Leveticus was a dream. He just came together so well for me. I really loved the whole process just about from start to finish. It felt like I was painting like my old self again. That alone was good, but beyond that I really didn’t need to repaint any particular feature, they just seemed to come together for me this time.

Always a joy to paint when that happens. I really liked how his face finished out. That doesn’t show to well in the pictures here. I may have to add in a face shot for him later. He has yellow eyes that with the black pupils I painted really gave him an old and somewhat diseased cast to his face on the table. I’ll be finishing him up with gloss on the orb of his cane as well as the sewer sludge. I think that will make the orb come out a bit better and seem more of the polished jewel it is supposed to be rather than the green glob it is right now.

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