Monday, March 2, 2015

Blog Resurrection

Time to raise the dead. I’ve left this blog lie fallow for the last few years. Originally created as a way for me to post up WIPS and finished models as I worked on them it got pushed to the wayside.

Now I’d like to get back into posting about my modeling progress and games. Since last we posted Rackham has completely gone under so I won’t have too many models from their games. Malifaux after the third expansion book from the first edition just left me behind in artistic style. So that all said what do I work on? Warhammer 40k. That has been my modeling bread and butter.

Specifically to this Blog the upcoming Fratris Salutem event has me resurrecting this blog. I am looking to finally get a fully painted Blood Angel list together for the event. That said my initial idea for a list is looking to have my painting table filled with 5 Rhino’s, 50 Marines, 10 Assault Marines, and a Sanguinary Priest. Of this I have exactly 5 marines painted already. So that leaves me short a lot.

Mission dead line May 23rd. Challenge Accepted. 

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