Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hobbies: Confrontation

I've picked up a new game of late called Confrontation, by Rackham Games. I was inspired by the amazing quality of the miniatures they make, and after having one for a few months, I actually read the min rule book that came with it. Let’s just say I got more than a bit intrigued and have now tossed my hat in with this game. As I’ve learned more and more I’ve become engrossed with the world lore/setting for the game, the art as well as the strategy behind the game itself.

I’ve been working to assemble prime and even paint a few of the minis. I’ll get photos of my work up here soon. So far I’ve been painting my Griffin Inquisition Units almost exclusively. The Griffin army, both in style and story has simply dug its little claws in me. To pair off with them I’ve picked up Alchemists of Dirz and the Undead of Archon to provide my opponents to these self proclaimed champions of the light. Besides what avid gamer can’t use more skeletons right?

Sadly as I began to find out as I was starting my collection in the last couple months it seems the game is going to change from a skirmish level game that uses metal minis to a large scale war game that uses pre-painted plastic miniatures. The metal ones will still be usable in the next incarnation of the game. Of course this change over, it turns out, is why I have been able to pick up this game for so dramatically cheap. Most online retailers are having sales from 30-75% off various Confrontation figures. So at least it was a save in the old pocketbook.

Till next time.

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