Sunday, August 3, 2008

Equanumous Warrior, Dragon & Goblin Ashigaru, Rat

I chose to paint this miniature in line with a different coloring scheme than is typical of the dragon army. The voids and smoke of this character seem to represent to me the teleporting/concealment of the Shadowdancer or Shadow Hand style characters from the D&D book, Tome of Battle. As such I chose instead to use a black and purple coloring for the smoke/invisible break in the character. Along with that I chose to go with a light green coloring for the eye to symbolize a kind of magical quality to the figure. The gray/purple seemed an adequately appropriate coloring for the rest of the figure. I don't think the painting was the greatest I have done yet. I was going threw it a bit faster than normal and I was mostly focused on the black/purple smoke effects.

Looking around the back of the figure the smoke effect comes through a little better. So I would call this figure adequate, and defiantly worth the experiment. Good for a D&D game though.

This was one of the more enjoyable figures I've painted. The skin was very interesting over typical human tones. The green really let me play with some highlighting of separate coloring to create a nice blemished skin tones rather than a uniform green with just a wash. His eyes and teeth came through really well as did the shield. I just loved the detail work all over this figure.

Flipping over to the back we get to see the tea kettle and cup he is carrying around. Both were a pleasure to work on. The hardest part was the clothing. The white pigment is of course easily able to cover up everything. So touching up with the white was painstaking as I didn't want to repaint the details too much. Although with the wash I am really glad with how the fabric came out.

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