Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Operation Frostbite

In the coming weeks I will be working my way through the Operation Frostbite campaign. This after having secured for myself a new Karman and Red Blok army. As such I’ll be posting up the battle reports as they occur. For now you can enjoy the campaign map that lists each company’s beginning movement, and thus the locations of each of the future battles. I’ll post up company lists as each company is sued for the first time, and those not used when the first week of phase 1 is over.

The first mission will be U.N.A. company 1 versus Therian company 1 at Ice Floe Indy.
U.N.A. company 1, lead by Captain H. Newton
Platoon 1
- 9 Steel Troopers (Sergeant, 2 Missile Launcher)
- 3 Death Dealer TacArms
- 2 Wing Sniper Team
- Number One (+ Captain H. Newton)
- Defender Cobra
Platoon 2
- 6 Steel Troopers (Sergeant, 1 Volcano MG)
- 9 Wing Troopers (Lieutenant, 2 Laser Gun)

Therian company 1, lead by Alpha Atis-Astarte
Platoon 1
- 9 Grims Golems (+ Alpha Atis-Astarte, 3 Flamer)
- 9 Storm Golems (Alpha, 1 Sonic Gun)
- 3 Bane Goliaths
- 3 Assault Goliaths
- Wraith Golgoth

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