Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lessons - Ice Floe Indy

Thought I'd take a moment to think over the last mission and nitpick my playing. I’ll break this up by faction.
• Learn to use the routines more than I have been. Since I’m playing myself I need to “pre” spend some LP for activations thus freeing up my LP pool to only those LP I have for combat drills as well as routines.
• Ice sucks. Therians have no infantry that do not slip and spill all over the place. Coupled with small islands of ice with water on all edges their troops are in constant threat of a watery death. It wasn’t until mid game that I realized getting up ON the container would fix that issue.
• Maximized units are a poor choice. At only 2,000 AP maximized infantry units are a poor choice. Smaller unit sizes with more units would allow the Therians to be better able to control objectives, and keep heroic units from being forced into Reserve status because that is the least depleting choice for reserve units.
• Smaller Reserves. Coupled with that don’t choose 500 RP units. Instead break it up into small costing units so you can actually deploy them.

• Wing Troopers are a must on the ice.
• Small units like the Wing Sniper team are perfect for capturing far flung objectives that enemy units have little hope of getting to.
• Wrath Golgoths are very durable, as are Red Blok AVF’s. Make a concentrated effort to bring anti-AFV weaponry. Defender Cobra M8 would be a better choice then the Defender Cobra. The mortar is decent but is not very capable of broad infantry destruction, and with only 2 missiles the chances for damage are too little.

I’m not sure if it was the AP or the map, but the game felt VERY constrained. Considering the next game is Abandoned Base with Karmen vs Therian we shall see if it was limited units vs limited map that made me feel this way.

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