Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lt. Francesca Fortuna

Started on this model last night with brush on primer. Again I have mixed feelings about resin miniatures. They go together great, if you assemble it all at once, but super glue seems to dry much to quickly. While trying to glue the two feet pegs in I placed glue in both holes, then lined the mini up, when I got the second peg seated in the whole the first peg had already bonded fast, not yet down flush with the base. Makes basing a little more difficult if your not ready for it. Here is the first shot, a work in progress as I neared completion on the head. I think this is one of my best faces. Eyebrows, hair and even pupils are all on this face. A lot more detail, on this then I am normally able to.

First of four shots on the completed model.

Second shot of the mini.

My favorite shot onthe mini, really shows the laser coloring and a neat "actiony" shot.

Last shot showing the back of the miniature.

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