Saturday, September 5, 2009

Operation: Purifier

Today's mini is the Seneschal Purifier from the Hybrid board game by Rackham. As the more experianced hand in the team of Purifiers sent down into the Hybrid labs to purge them of abominations I opted to show his age in his hair. Wanting to show some grey hair I chose to give him that salt and pepper look of black and grey witht eh one stand of grey hair to represent the toll facing such horrors has caused this man.

It may not be readily apparent but this time of the year in Maine the weather has become very humid. As in the best humidity level I have seen in days is around 75% humidity. As such I am having issues with my sealent. I keep getting that nasty old fuzzy look on everything I seal. I've been trying diffrent ways to help keep the air mosture down as the mini drys. Everything from only spraying them at 1pm (least humid part of the day) and then putting them in a small room with its own AC turned on to dehumidify the room while they dry to brush on sealer over the particualarly bad spots while keeping a hot lamp on them while they dry. Although those steps have improved the issue some. They haven't been able to eliminate it. Coupleing this is the fact that I am using a new can of sealer, so I'm not entirly sure its the humidity level that is responsible for this issue.

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