Saturday, September 5, 2009

Star Wars: Saga Character

So here is a quickly repainted Star Wars miniature for the Saga game I play in. We started during the clone wars and I am playing a Clone Commando. See LINK for a shot of the mini I painted to start the campaign with. A couple sessions ago Order 66 came down in the game and my clone went traitor. So at the first stop our group made I sent the group noble out to pick me up a pancho and some red paint to work up a disguise. Hence I paint job on this mini. I'll be using him for the first time tonight, should work pretty well. It was a pretty fast repaint, not a lot of details to pick out on the Star Wars miniature line of mini's anyway. Especially the commons. Took me about an hour or so all in all. Had some fun with the base. Pulled out some train modeling scenics that I havn't touched since I was in grade school. The look cane out pretty good.

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