Friday, August 21, 2015

4 years of 40k painting in review, Part 6

My next addition to my painted forces included some Grey Knight Terminators. In the Spring we have another hobby centered event that has evolved over the years. These days its a narrative event but int he first year it was a baby Standoff called the April Assault. At only 1500 points it was much smaller force. I wanted to try something different and went for an all terminator force. No Paladins just the regular Grey Knight terminators. I felt they where underrated and again wanted to go against the grain with the 5th ed Grey Knight codex. To avoid "easy mode." My opponents may disagree with calling it easy mode. 
Not having to many Terminators of my own already I painted up 10 of them and was able to purchase another 20 already painted up fairly well. I matched painting styles and color choices and picked out some details or washed the purchased terminators to bring them in line. As I didn't paint these completely I am not showing them here, instead I will show only the ones I did. 

First up I did an Inquisitor in Terminator armor. I also used the Inquisitor from the last post in the force giving me two sources of extra psychic might. Again on this guy you can see I do the black armor but no edge highlighting. So although the details are crisp and neat the model looks flat and bland. Originally I was going to use the same paint scheme for all my Grey Knights but after doing this model I opted to make him an Inquisitor and paint the rest the more traditional coloring. Opting to make the black armor an Inquisitor and Purifier style rather than chapter wide. I think the Bloodletter head came out very well. When I go back to add edge highlights to these guys I will need to gloss varnish the blood to give it that wet look as well. Also add some wet blood into the snow below it as well.  

Next up is my first set of 5 guys, to help tie the army as a whole together I opted to do the same white helm style as the purifiers to mark out my Justicar's (read squad sergeants.) I also wanted to upgrade my Power Weapon painting method. The style used in my Purifier force just came out looking to bland/simple. I looked up a great method online using a glaze and turquoise paint to help smooth out the transitions and give the whole blade and energized look. Frankly I forgot how well these came out. Power Weapons are one of those things I still struggle with mostly because I just haven't done them enough. I'll need to go back to this method for some current models and re learn it before I improve on it. 

As you can see in my set of ten are two Justicar models. That's because I opted to swap them out for some models in another squad having gotten the painting style to look very similar to one of my purchased squads. I fell in love with the Halberds with my purifiers. Going at Initiative 6 instead of 4 with power weapon was just amazing and won more fights for me than any other wargear. Hence the plethora of them. The Justicars get swords as while in hand to hand they get +1 invul and this even worked when saving vs perils. Worth it to try and keep them alive a little longer worse come to worse. 


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