Friday, August 28, 2015

4 years of 40k painting in review, Part 7

This week we hit my third Grey Knight force, first purifiers the second and all Terminators Force. Now an expanded Inquisitional Henchman Force. This army was being put together for the second Standish Standoff (2012). I added some new elements but kept some of the core together to lower my painting requirements. I ended up removing the Jakero due to points, but had finished painting up the models aside from basing them. So I have included them even if they didn't get into the finished list. 

1850 Pts - Grey Knights Roster - Standoff 2012

  • HQ: Castellan Crowe 
  • HQ: Inquisitor Coteaz 
  • Elite: Techmarine
  • Troops: Purifier Squad 2x Daemonhammer, 2x Psycannon 6 Halbred Psybolt Ammo w/ Rhino
  • Troops: Purifier Squad 2x Daemonhammer, 2x Psycannon 6 Halbred Psybolt Ammo w/ Razorback w/ Psybolt Hvy Bolter & Searchlight
  • Troops: Purifier Squad 2x Daemonhammer, 2x Psycannon 6 Halbred Psybolt Ammo w/ Razorback w/ Psybolt Hvy Bolter
  • Troops: Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband 3 Warrior Acolyte
  • Troops: Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband 3 Inquisitorial Servitor w/ Multi-Melta
  • Fast Attack: Stormraven Gunship
  • Heavy Support: Psyfileman Dreadnought
  • Aegis Defence Lines w/ Quad Gun

I wanted to put a couple things on their head when I painted up these models. All my groups guard and most blobs I saw had nothing but the same skin tone across the entire force. For ease of painting I assume, but that also seems to be a fairly standard thing with most forces I have seen. With that in mind I painted my henchmen up as multiple races to present a varied looking force. I also found it helped to dramatically change the appearance of models and allow same/similar sculpted models to look dramatically different. 
In crafting the servitors I wanted to do some multi-meltas but the models came only one to a blister with other servitors. Not wanting to spend a ton on three models I opted to convert a trio of them using landspeeder multi-meltas. I kept to tradition with a good red for the jumpsuit to keep them Mechanicus. A little color offsetting with blue and green wires helped to pop some details on them. I think the models really came out well with not a terrible amount of  work. The break of of materials allowed washes to really shine on them. With both flesh, cloths and metals. 

Next up was the pride of this round of painting, humble Imperial Guard sergeants. I used them as Inquisitional Henchmen as they had the proper gear and traditional stat line to stand in, plus then I could cross use them with my small guard collection when/if I got around to painting them as well. I went all in with the details on these models, and although I didn't edge highlight the armor (still hadn't learned that skill yet) I still got some layered highlighting and a good wash to add depth to the armor. I blinged them out with a grenade pouch and water canteen. I even painted teh finger nails on them. Overall they came out great and even by my more recently painted models they stand up well. Again I changed up the skin pallet as I worked on these models. Something I think came out really well and I will have to use again in the future when I get some line guard troops painted up.

 Last up today are the Jakero I finished painting but didn't base as I didn't end up using them. As they are a single pose metal model not a lot of variation could be done with them so I opted to change up the eye color. One blue one green. Little washing and dry brushing to work the fur and some gem effects on all the jewelry. I applied some layered highlighting to the black of the hands and feet as well as the flesh of the face. The fur was all dry brushing as it comes out really well and a dry dusty look is great for fur.

 Next week we will get to Coteaz, Techmarine, Stormraven and Aegis line.


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