Friday, March 11, 2016

On The Table: Alpha Legion Vigilator

To lead my Alpha Legion force against the hated Raven Guard Alpharius tasked Centurian Draeyos to hunt down the survivors on Istavaan V. Cold and methodical this Vigilator attempts to trap the Raven Guard using stealth and beguilement. Unfortunatly for Draeyos his attempts are foiled by the superior stealth and hit and run tactics of the Raven Guard he hunts. Even as his own traps are being sprung he finds his men caught in a trap of Raven Guard design. Maimed in his encounter with the Raven Guard commanders Terminator bodyguard Draeyos nevertheless continues to strive to find a way to clip the wings of the Raven, even as his own men begin to see weakness in his failure.

So we played our first two games of the campaign. A screaming baby prevented me from getting any good photos' of the games unfortunately as my hands where occupied trying to keep her calm. We opted to change one rule before we played using a modified save rule from some more modern killteam games. Essentially allowing models to take all available saves. We did not anticipate the use of the action points and what they meant to unit survival already. Essentially these changes effectively nerfed shooting, models getting two or even three saves, while booting close combat. Couple this with the much shorter deployment gap of 6-12" and a smaller overall table and you have a recipe for vastly different game. Essentially close combat happened pretty reliably within 2 turns. Shooting doing little to no damage int eh 1 or two rounds you got. I was simply outclassed in hand to hand having built a shooty force. I have very little low AP weapons for hand to hand, and no Terminators finished from the paint table. My opponents Terminators just wrecked face. With multiple saves and re-rolls due to action points I just couldn't put a wound on them and then they would powerfist me right into the dirt. We both decided to roll back the multi saves rule. Action points granting a powerful tool to aid in survival to the heroes already. Well I go back to the drawing board behind two games in the campaign but he Hydra will rise again. You may cut off a head but two more will rise in its place. 

Group Shot of the completed ALpha Legion units so far.

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