Friday, March 18, 2016

On the Table: Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnaught

Well to help add some punch to my list I finished up the first Contemptor Dreadnought. I ended up using a lot of stencil marks on this Contemptor due to it being the plain one in the Betrayal of Calth boxed set. I also have the Forgeworld one (see next post), and on that one I used the scales stencil very sparingly. Here though with so many plain flat surfaces I felt like going hog wild and getting it all over the place. I also ended up laying out a ton of decals. The left shoulder shot is extra whited out due to these decals. They are silver metallic and reflected back the light at the camera when shot head on like that. I was kicking myself because unlike the rest of this project I basically built the entire Dreadnought before painting, that arms are magnetized to do weapon swaps at least. With the new cheaper version of the Contemptor Dreadnought in Horus Heresy book 6, Retribution it won't be so bad to squeeze him into my Victory is Vengeance force. Coming in at about 150 points. I enjoyed doing the free hand on the scroll-work on his chest. I used some great inking pens that where recommended by a modeler who used them to ink the recessed edges on his Eldar vehicles. I opted to mount him further back on the base do to the pervasiveness of the lava in the base. Looking at the finished product it really worked for allowing the OSL on the legs to work out great. Rather than being semi pervasive and everywhere on the legs, being front only means I got to focus on just the front being OSL and drawing the eye to the effect. 

I have to say this was a great kit to build and work with. Modding the arms to take magnets in the same location as the Forgeworld arms/weapons so I could interchange them between my Contemptors was some work. Still way worth the effort. With the upcoming narrative day, Fratris Salutem coming soon I've got my eye on how to continue painting out the army for use on that day. Something I should be able to do easily. At a minimum I need another Contemptor and 13 Legion marines. Until next time. 

 As a parting shot here is my Alpha Legion force completed thus far.


Thor said...

He looks great. I agree, moving him back really let the OSL shine, and it came out awesome. The entire army looks great, and I can't wait to see it next month.

Berman said...

Yeah the OSL on these guys really pops on them with the color of the armor.