Monday, September 20, 2010

Malifaux: Neverborn, Bad JuJu

So I really wasn't wanting to paint this guy when I started. Moss green with green seemed to much blah. As I got into it though it really started to come together. Mixing up the greens I used and really just picking out details on the model after painted and drybrshing the whole model one color to start with. This system seemed to really help Bad Juju come together.


Capt.Caveman said...

Hi, I like your rendition here, I am in the process of doing my Juju as well and had the same inclinations about the project as you did. The devil definitely is in the details with this model. How did you manage to keep the mottled look on his backside?

Berman said...

Drybrushing a lighter mossy color over top got the mottled look over the entire model. Then went back and picked out each element on the model.