Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Malifaux: Neverborn, Zoraida

Here is my finished up Zoraida. Now any of you who actually play this game may notice some changes I made to the model. Namely I green stuffed up her apron to actually go over her chest. Old marm saggy was not something I wanted to see on the table so I worked up some additional appron for her. I think that work came out pretty good actually. Considering this is my first attempt at really any kind of green stuffed skulpt. Aside from having to many similar colored articles about her person, dress, skin, inside of the cloak. I don't think she came out to bad. I really felt it was looking horrid until I got her ont he base and with all the dolls. They helped to create some more color around her and really make her shine. She is one of the more bulky masters on the table. That always seemed odd for being the frail old woman. Still she came out well.

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