Friday, October 2, 2015

4 years of 40k painting in review, Part 12

Here we are a year latter once more preparing for the next Standish Standoff for 2014. Once more I changed up half my list going for an all Tau list this time. My play time had been hampered a lot this year and I wanted to run something I was very familiar with as I wasn't going to get any practice games in before the event. Also Space Marines and Tau are no longer battle bros in 7th ed. (A good change honestly). So I picked up my first Forgeworld model for this army. A new Crisis Suit commander type. I wanted this one to be my "Farsight" commander so I modeled the amulet on him as well. Points prevented it from being taken but the modeling came out well all the same. I kept to the same paint scheme as last time around but having a.) practiced with it before and b.) gotten better with my airbrush. I was able to knock out these models in a much shorter time frame. I nearly doubled up the models for my Tau army. 

I did some reposing of the Riptide to create a good mirror stance of the standard Riptide positions. Along with that I also used the airbrush to get a good blending on the twin-linked plasma gun and Ion Cannon to create a nice effect still in line of the pumpkin orange accent color. The inking and edge highlighting effect really makes these models stand out and I very much enjoy the brightness of these models. Re posing the model was really fun and I wish I had done something even more drastic akin to all the crazy stuff over wrecked vehicles or terrain I've seen with other modelers. Honestly I'm to cheap to burn a second model just to use as a base. 

I also knocked out an additional team of Broadsides, to help mark the two units as different I applied an orange glow effect to the power pack on the backs rather than blue as in the last squad. I also opted to just glue on the arms and not magnetize this time around. I have yet to even want to use a rail gun broadside and I have two of the old edition models that are rail guns already. So I potentially have 5 rail gun versions if needed. 

The event itself was a lot of fun. I had three good games. I wasn't expecting a lot out of my performance as I'd not played a game of 40k for months before hand. I just wanted a chance to get in three games that day. On that I was successful. First round I got skunked. I faced another elite army, only unlike me rather than volume of fire they opted for quality of fire shooting with Wraith knights (yes two) and wraith guard. So lots of low AP shots that just peeled thru my suits very quickly. Round two I faced Tyranids. I think I am cursed to face Tyranids as round two. I think it has happened at about half the tournaments I've gone to. And it never ends well for the Nids. I just know the army and typically they are not higher end players but getting back into the game. Last game I got to play against an old school marine guard army all done up in the early style paint job. I had heard an interview with this player on the Independent Characters just weeks before so it was kinda fun to see that. All in all a fun day with some great armies to look at. 

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