Friday, September 25, 2015

4 years of 40k painting in review, Part 11

Now for something completely different. Not really, this is the Marine side of my 2013 Standish Standoff list. My Marines are blood angel paint scheme but being fairly Codex Astartes generic they are also my vanilla marine army. As such I have some special characters and units that are vanilla marine painted up to match my Blood Angel force. Hence Tiggy here with the Blood Angel shoulders. I really liked how deep blue the armor came out. Makes for a great librarian blue. The red skull on the back really isn't a good choice. Should have gone metallic or bone. Its just to stark against the blue and draws the eye to it rather than complementing army color composition by providing another Blood Angel color tie in.  His eyes are great as well. The blue soft glow effect gives him that unearthly look to really strike home the fact that he is a psyker. I practiced with the list a fair amount before the event and had a pretty good feel for it. However one of my constant practice opponents played 6th Ed Eldar and I had yet to beat him in  game. I had come close but hadn't yet punched his ticket. Turns out as fate would have it he was my round 1 pairing at the Standoff. History it seems was not to be overturned and I lost that game. It was a great match up and we had a fun game. Some early shooting failures though spelled the doom of my list. What should have been able to kill 2.5 wave serpents a round given averages took 3 rounds to kill 1. Unfortunately for my next opponents this meant I hit the bottom tables, and hit them hard. I won my next two games but lost to many points game 1 to get to far in the standings. I did come out in 4th place overall. Not to shabby after a first round loss. It was a great day in the end.

Here is my first painted Marin Tactical squad all painted up. Its also one of the first time I've used decals on my models. They came out pretty good but the yellow ones especially needed a little post application paint assistance to keep the coloring solid. The red hues on these models came out really well. I followed the GW Blood Angel paint scheme for armor only modifying ti a little bit by using null oil wash rather than the crimson wash. I've found that although it can be tough to clean up afterwords as black wash can get streaky on red, it gives really strong color depth and is worth the extra time. 

 Perhaps my favorite painted unit of the whole army. First time I had ever built or used bikes in 40k. Being a command squad for the Blood Angels I felt these bikes needed to be binged up a lot to make them truly veterans of the Blood Angels. I used a number of the Dark Angel bike bits to get wings on the bikes. I removed the Dark Angel icons from those parts but felt the wings on the sides would work really well. Grav had just come out, but the bits where very hard to get a hold of for a reasonable price. I opted to use an alternate gun and paint it up with the green power source of grav. I really liked the way all the details on these models came out. They just look great on the table and great up close. I used the Death Company shoulder pads rather than decals to further "bling" them up. The golden helms came out fairly well. Perhaps a little flat in coloring without the depth of coloring I would like but still fairly decent with the wash.

Last Marine unit was a Thunderfire cannon. As seen from last years standoff list I already have a nice Techmarine painted up. Again I didn't want to drop some $50+ dollars on a fincast Thunderfire cannon. I opted for the Mantic space dwarf model instead. I had some older metal servitors sitting around and modified them to take the gunner seat and removed the dwarf. Nothign like using a third party model to make you realize just how good the GW models are. The details on this where soft and just a pain to paint and bring out. I muddled thru it though and cut a number of corners. Not a centerpiece model to be sure just a tabletop quality paint job. Servicable to be sure, but not the most crisp nor well highlighted.

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