Monday, September 7, 2015

Sable System Narrative Campaign

Ultima Segmentum, Sable System

Astopathic distress beacon received. Civil unrest across system. PDF unable to suppress rising tide of civilian violence. Source unknown. System Governor requesting Astra Militarum support.

Inquisitional Addendum,

Astropathic message tainted with strong psychic spore. Vanus Temple agent assignes Primus level Chaotic cult, or incursion, as the source of increasing violence. Inquisitional Agents report people vanishing in the midst of night. Cult abductions or victims of the rising random violence? Imperial Tithe met at 95% last cycle. Projected disastrous decrease in Tithe levels for next cycle.

Overt support, grant Militarum aid to system Governor. Additionally, subversively task Inquisitional agents to locate Chaos cult activity. Activate Adeptus Astartes forces to eliminate threats discovered. 

Vanus agent assigned to monitor situation and provide updates.

Sable System Narrative Campaign:
Starting soon a narrative bi-weekly campaign to take place at Crossroads games run for you by me. As I am unable to attend the events I won’t be partaking but GM’ing the campaign to provide new missions each game turn as well as individual and faction bonuses or deficiencies based on previous turns. As a GM’d narrative campaign not all missions/games will be balanced. Please understand that the goal is to have fun with your opponent not at the expense of your opponent, and overall the missions will be balanced over the course of the campaign.
I am going to need someone else on site to help promote and bring players into the campaign as I’m just too far away to do that. That said I am happy to help GM the campaign and provide the narrative and missions for it. So anyone that would like to help out by being a face in the store to help organize “day of” and to point people at the missions and information would be great. If this gets rolling and people are heavily participating so “it is known” then that will be fine to.
That said players do not need to be organized into teams. Preferably same factions will not play each other, nor imperial on imperial but I’d rather people get in good games than hold anyone to this. As such we won’t be doing any formal teams but rather I will be tracking each player’s progress along with their faction. Thus each faction will be tracked as a whole as will the Imperium as a whole and these things will be forged into the narratives of each successive stage of the campaign. Some factions may get bonuses, some players may. It will be tailored each stage based on the results of your individual games and as a whole.
I’m initially thinking stages will be every couple weeks to allow people to easily get a game in for the campaign but still be able to play other games as well. If the group wants a faster or slower pace just come to a decision on Wednesday and let me know. I’ll adapt as needed.

Army build rules:
Standard to Crossroad games for most missions, but for your participation in the campaign I request that you please play the same primary faction through the campaign.  All 40k factions are allowed and will be provided more narratives once the composition of factions is known.
Game Reporting:
Please provide game results, and details as requested with each mission to the Crossroad forum

Campaign Stage 1:
Army size for this game is up the players for each game. I would recommend something in the 1700-200 range as the mission is going to force you together and casualties will be high.

Players should mutually agree or roll off to determine who the defender is and who the assaulter for this mission.

Place 4 objectives, one in each corner of the defenders deployment zone.
Defender deploys first within an area that is 18” from both table sides and 18” of the opponent’s table side. Defender is allowed one free Fortification. Choose one including upgrades up to a point cost of 100 points. You may also choose a fortification worth more than 100 points but any weapons are non-functional, if it has no weapon then the building AV value is reduced by 1. Defender may reserve as normal.

Attacker deploys no units and automatically goes first. All units are placed in deep strike reserve. Even units that normally cannot or are required to deploy by some other method. You may choose to either have the unit deploy turn 1, or be rolled for as normal starting turn 2. This is decided by not deep striking the unit on turn 1. Units that normally can deep strike will only scatter 1d6 instead of the normal 2d6. Also any units arriving turn 1 that mishap, automatically go into ongoing reserve rather than rolling on the mishap table.

Primary Objective:
+3 points per objective marker held at the end of the game.

Secondary Objective:
+1 Point: Slay the Warlord

Attacker gains +1 point per unit in defenders deployment zone at end of game. (Unit in this case is defined the same as for kill points below, thus a squad with an IC in the zone is worth two points.)

Defender gains +1 point per kill point earned game end. Attacker units that have not been deployed are counted as lost.

Missions Special Rules:
Variable Game Length, Night Fight turn 1. Modified Reserves (see deployment)

Mission Wrap up:
Please provide player names and factions played. Along with scores and role as Attacker/Defender. Also any notes about moments of notes during the game and acts of great heroics by characters from either side. 

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