Friday, September 18, 2015

4 years of 40k painting in review, Part 10

Welcome back to part 2 of my 2013 Standish Standoff army. As we have already gone over the color choices for the Tau battle suit portion of this army we will do a list breakdown. As my first Riptide I built him in the standard layout. I magnetized the weapons for future options. My list was a pure Farsight list on the Tau side, thus no access to a Buff commander, nor did I do the 'Ovesa star. As with my past armies I opted to do something a little different. I played the army with 2 identical crisis teams both with marker drones. Practically speaking the commander would go in one crisis team to give the drones all BS 5, the other crisis team would get buffed by Tigerius and his divination to give them twin link or by using marker lights as needed. My typical opening would be to twin link the target lock squad so they and the commander would shoot at one unit twin linked, the drones would all shoot at another much tougher unit with BS5 TL marker lights. Then depending on how tough said unit was I would hit it with the broadsides and use up the marker lights, or first the second crisis team that would use the marker lights and then replace them with their own markerlight drones. 

The Riptide was my anti air support. With re-rolling 1's and 12 shots when overcharged it would take down most flyers in a single volley. I opted for the fusion blaster to give me something I could kill the odd landraider with if needed. The tactical squad was a backfield objective holder with a lascannon so they could contribute downfield with something. Granted a single lascannon shot isn't much but it gave me a second weapon that could hurt heavier armor. The long range meant they could stay out of range of most threats. Next I have the Thunderfire cannon to help me against larger armies. Being an elite force with only 38 models I would struggle with being overwhelmed by large blocks of weak troops. It also let me pick off lawn chair units my opponents used. Lastly I had a fast utility unit in the command squad. Having very little low AP weapons I wanted an option to take out a terminator block or similar elite deathstar like unit. 

Primary Detachment: Farsight Enclave (1184 for detachment) 1749 for total army.
  • HQ - Crisis Suit Commander - 85 (177 total), Drone Controller - 8, Target Lock - 5,  2x Missle Pod - 30, Talisman of Arthas Molock - 25, 2x Marker Light Drone - 24
  • Elite - Riptide - 180 (235 total), Velocity Tracker - 20, Early Warning Override - 5, Earthcaste Pilot Array - 30, TL Fusion Blaster - 0, Heavy Burst Cannon - 0
  • Troop - Kroot Squad (82 total), 11x Kroot w/ Sniper rounds - 77, Kroot Hound - 5
  • Troop - Crisis Team x 3 - 66 (210 total)  6x Missile Pod - 90  3x, Target Lock - 15  3x Marker Light Drone - 36  3x Bonding Knife Ritual - 3
  • Troop - Crisis Team x 3 - 66 (210 total)  6x Missile Pod - 90  3x, Early Warning Override - 15  3x Marker Light Drone - 36  3x Bonding, Knife Ritual - 3
  • Heavy - Broadside Team x 3 - 195 (270 total)  6x Missle Drone - 72  3x, Bonding Knife Ritual - 3  3x TL High Yield Missle Pod - 0  3x TL Smart, Missle System - 0

Allied Force -Space Marines (Ultramarine Chapter Tactics) (565 for detachment)
  • HQ - Chief Librarian Tigerius - 165 (375 total)  
  • HQ - Command Squad - 100, Bikes - 35  5x Grav Guns - 75
  • Troop - Tactical Squad x 5 - 70 (90 total)  Lascannon - 20
  • Heavy Thunderfire Cannon - 100 (100 total)

To help tie the Tau and Blood Angel Marines portions of the army together I decided to paint the Kroot unit shoulder pads the same as my Blood Angels. This would help to tie the army elements together along with the basing. Being organic models I kept the painting simple. No bright coloring or edge highlights here. I stuck to my tried and true methods of base coat, drybrush, wash and lighten. It works great with anything fleshy/organic. This unit served as outflankers to grab far off objectives while the suits cleared the area of threats to them. They are soft but cheap and mobile. 

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