Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Malifaux, Lilith Redux

Yes no need to scroll down this one does look like a previous post. Part of the reason for the long post delay has to do with this model. After taking pictures of it and putting it up on the blog, I went to clear coat the model. It wasn't a new can in fact it was a can I'd been actively using for the last month or so. I don’t know if the weather just changed greatly or if the can really crapped out but essentially my miniature frosted so bad it looked like I'd sprayed white primer over most the model. (I checked it was a can of clear coat.) So I've spent the last couple weeks cleaning and re-painting this model. It didn't come out as clean as the model had the first time. But the pain job went by pretty quickly and well it is done. So I'm glad to be done with it.

Anyway no real comment beyond that for this model. I also got a few other miniatures done this week as well. So expect them to be posted up here in the coming days.


WQRobb said...

It sucks that the coating didn't go well. What kind are you using?

If it has gotten warmer, you should have *less* hassle, not more.

Berman said...

It was a can of GW Purity Seal that I'd already been using. I thinka combination of drastically increased humidity I wasn't thinking about. Coupled with hitting the bottom of the can that may have had settelment issues or exessive propelent sprayed may have been the cause of the frosting.