Sunday, June 27, 2010

Malifaux: Outcast, Hollow Waif 1

Finished up the first of the two Hollow Waifs. I’ve been a bit under the weather after getting back from a trip to New York. Y hands have been really unsteady unlike how they normally behave for me. It’s made painting exceptionally difficult. As such I started with the totems to try and get my painting hand back before moving on to the more detailed pieces. As such I’m not really too proud of the work on the Waif. Still it is very table ready.

Although technically undead I think of the waifs as being more soulless than undead. I wanted them to seem more akin to mindless trollops than any kind of supernatural being. I think I got that effect to work at least. Opting out of more traditional green or red eyes for the model and giving them traditional pupils in white. Perhaps I should have gone more with the black eyes of the desolation engine. Or even pure white on white.

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