Thursday, June 24, 2010

Malifaux: Outcast, Desolation Engine

Working to get my Levi crew together before the Steam Punk Abominations come out next week. I wanted to run him for the upcoming League coming up. Levi will be my fifth master. The desolation engine isn’t exactly right model wise for what it is supposed to represent. The upcoming SPA’s look great in comparison. The body needs to be more twisted and messed up really to fit the bill. Still it’s a decent enough model to paint. I really enjoyed all the stitching detail across the model. That was fun to paint. It really helped to draw out the details across the rest of his skin as well. The blue waist cloth was perhaps a poor choice. I should have gone with something more akin to the purple coloring of the hollow waifs clothing. Thus matching the army together especially as I will eventually be picking a second one up. And having that one match the second hollow waif would have tied the units together.

Other than that all the various details where great to work on as I painted up the model. Even the larger elements like the shoulder pads where very nice to paint, using lighter metal to really draw out the details.

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