Monday, June 14, 2010

Malifaux, Papa Loco

Finished up the last Ortega family member finally. So got my 4th master’s starter crew box finished up now. I wasn’t too excited to paint this guy. Mostly to be honest because my first Lilith paint job had just been totally frosted over and I was a bit defeated toward painting. Also I’m not excited to field him. He’s too much of a party liability for me to want to field him in a game. I’ve personally killed him so many times amongst his crew as to cause massive damage and losses to my opponent to want to field him with my own forces.

Still several elements where fun to paint. The placard on his chest for example, hand painting Loco across the sign was a great touch. Also I enjoyed the burning wick on the dynamite as well. The straight jacket came out alright. I wasn’t too fond of the coloring after I finished up. Still it looks a bit like a dirtied up version of the older style, turn of the century jacket.

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