Saturday, April 3, 2010

Malifaux, Hans

Finished up Hans the same evening I got Pandora done, my first Outcast for the game. I wanted to get some ranged support for Pandora and the crew as an option. Seems that Hans should fill in for that very nicely. when I first saw the model picture I thought he was holding a cigarette in his left hand. Turns out its a billet shell for his rifle. I very much enjoyed this model. I painted his body completely before attaching the arms and painting them. This helped me to get the details where the rifle rests done without having it get in the way. I really liked the way his pants came out. I wasn't very sure when I got started how I wanted them to look. Initially the dark grey wrap on his shoulders was the same coloring as his pants. I added a black wash to the shoulders to darken it and the two came out sufficiently different. Since I will be using him with my Neverborn force primarily, at least as far as I can tell now, I based him on a Victorian base insert. I’m still waiting to get basses for all my guild models. So I won’t be able to get them based until a bit after I get them all painted.
My plan is to pick a base style for each faction and stick with it. So far its Victorian for the Neverborn, Graveyard for the guild. Outcasts will be using a mix mash of bases, and some specific sub models might get other bases based on strong theme. Like the hag and her lizard men would defiantly need to go Bog for their base. As always click the pic for a larger version of the image.

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