Friday, April 30, 2010

Malifaux, Guild - Perdita

I finished up my latest guild master, Perdita today. She's an alright sculpt but my primary brush crapped out on me mid painting on this model so I was using a larger brush than I typically do. Also the sheer amount of hair I found ridicules. I’ll be basing all my masters on the similar candle laden grave base. Gives consistency. I did some more lighting effects. I’m not sure if it came together better or worse. My expectations may be to high who knows. I did put some lighting effects across Perdita’s hair. Hoping to make the miniature more impressive from the back, rather than the bland hair job she is now. I did notice while editing these pictures I seem to have clipped some paint from the hat brim on the back while basing her. I’ve not sealed her yet so it will be an easy fix.

The deep recess that her left arm makes with her body and hair was a pain in the ass to deal with. As I said already I was using a larger brush than normal and it was giving me all kind of fits to try and paint down into this area with that thing. Oh well at least she is done. The rest of the Ortega family I hope will give me less trouble once my new brushes arrive.

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