Saturday, April 24, 2010

Malifaux Tournament

Alright so the painting has taken a back seat the last couple weeks. First up my good brush totally crapped out on me. So it's done. I had to order new brushes. Sadly I ordered them with some Confrontation preorder stuff so they didn't ship out till the 12th, and didn't arrive until the morning I was leaving for a wedding in Mexico. As such I have been home all of 1 day with working brushes. I got Perdita's base finished and her attached. I'll get some photo's up soon.

Couple that with me running/organizing a Malifaux tournament for the 1st and I've been pretty busy of late with other gaming issues to do much painting. I was able to pick up 14 copies of the Nature's Wonders HD play set. Although not strictly 30mm scale, picked up the farm set and everything is a bit to big but the windmill is serviceable, the elements being trees and rocks work great for gaming terrain. Specifically I was making the purchase for a tree. My local Wal-Mart had them on final clearance for $1.00 each. So I filled up a cart load. The trees will work great as a bayou trees. My store only has the Warhammer trees for use and a couple pine. Neither really inspires swamp in my mind. Included is a large rock formation a couple boulders and a pond. I’m working up a couple ponds to look more like acid pools. I put some bumps across the surface using glue, and I’ll be adding some static grass around the edges to finish it up. I think I might also add grass and mush effects to many of the ponds and try and turn them into bog rather than simple water effects. Add a bit of a muddy water coloring as well. Thus turning the ponds from water/uncross able into bog severe terrain instead.

Along with these terrain elements I have 4 metal chests on order from e-bay. (finger’s crossed that they arrive in time.) I’ll paint them um and base them on 30mm bases for the Treasure hunt tokens. Also on order for terrain features are two graveyards, two soulstone veins and two ancient monoliths. Again I hope they get here in time. I want the terrain to have many new elements for this tournament that the players coming to participate in won’t have seen before at the shop. I’ve gotten together little intro packs for the players as well. So far I’ve got soulstone bags for the first twelve players. I’ve printed and cut out, but have yet to card and sleeve 12 sets of 15 strategy/scheme reference cards. I haven’t decided if these will be a tournament resource or another grab bag giveaway. This will likely depend on if I have to buy sleeves or if I can get matching set out of the stores box of loose free sleeves.

Anyway on the painting front look forward to the Convict gunslinger and Perdita in the next few days. Hopefully I will get my painting groove back on and get some more up here quickly as well.

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