Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dasyatis Clone

My second attempt at one of the large Dirz creations. I went for a diffrent skin shading on this one. Mostly due to the fact that I wanted this piece to fit in onthe table with the new pre-painted army sceme. (They all have more of a blue gree tone to their skin.) Once more I am continuing to use the gold/scorpion green color combination to do the metalic green looking effect that I have been using to highlight specific metals actost the Dirz metals when I work on them. I really liked the way the skin came out on this one. After first painting it up with a pinkish skin tone much akin to the Aberation I applied a black wash and dry brushed over that a nice purple/blue color to get the skin result you see. I was extremly pleased with the results. I ended like all Dirz creatures by applying a bit of a scorpion green wash to various places to represent the use of mutagens by the Alchemists of Dirz.

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