Thursday, January 21, 2010

Griffin Conscripts: Part 1

As stated earlier I completed these guys at the same time as the Exorcist and the Tiger's of Dirz. I went for a little bit of excess on the brass trim, and even though it seems to make them look a little more like they belong in the Lion army, rather than in the Griffin, I couldn't help myself as it really seemed to bring out the details on these guys. I found the faces to be extremly annoying as the heads are one part witht he body. Making it very difficult to apply the brush to them in any detailed maner. The face and neck of the armor was constantly in the way.

You can really see here how I tend to base coat metal with a dark metal color, apply a black wash over all of it then highlight my way back up with the original metal paint and a shade or two lighter from their. I am not one for NMM, but I feel adding this 3-4 tone metalic seems to add a lot to elements painted in metal. I kept he shields metal free. I felt those elements would be more of a painted wood or steel, insteed of exposed metals like their armor.

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