Friday, January 1, 2010

Griffin Cannon's: Part 2

Next I worked on the crew of the cannons. Sadly the C4 rules require 3 crewmen per cannon, while the Third edition metal cannons came with 5 crew for two cannons. So I'm one crew shot of the second cannon. Although with a second cannon box, I could field another 5 crew for three cannons worth of cannon and crew. This was my first attempt at a non flat painting of red cloth. I started with a very dark red as the base coat. I then base coated the entire miniature before applying a black wash to the whole piece. Then I went back and in the case of the red, applied the base coat once again except into the deepest recesses and cracks. I find black wash looks terrable on red of any shade. From their I built up successive layers of red until I had hit my brightest red for the teps of the clothing. Also The fire I think came out really well. It was my first attempt at painting fire. I worked from the bottom up, starting with a bright yellow, and working my way up the fire to a deep red. Then I mixed some black wash in with some red in successive amounts to get that smokey look at the top. I was lucky to have so much skin work on these mini's. I don't know why but I have always been pretty satisfied with the results I get while painting skin. Perhaps I am simply more aware of the way shading on skin works than with other substances.

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