Sunday, January 3, 2010

Griffin Cannon: Part 3

Finished the last two members of the cannon crew, the last ammunition carrier, and the loader. With them completed I have my cannon's crew and with just on proxy mini I can even field a second cannon for say a Temple of the North list. Considering they are the only hero box that I have so far I do tend to use that faction list from time to time. I played my first game of the new Confrontation game with my current gaming group. My opponent enjoys the fluff of the Wolfen so he picked them as his army. He is using mine until his own army shows up. I love the Griffin so that was my choice. I fielded one cannon unit and had a... well I didn't get to shoot them much and when I did casualties to the Wolfen was minimal. Their howls do a great job of reducing the effectivness of my ranged units. I think I will do my best to limit the number of guns in my future lists. As always click the image for a full size photo.

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