Sunday, January 31, 2010

Temple of the East

Here I have my finished hero's for the Temple of the East. With both Temple of the North and Temple of the West Hero's out now I wanted to finish off my griffin army and get the rest of the hero's finished. I kept Archo's color scheme similar to the one shown in his artwork as he heads the temple and his "thematic" coloring is the bases for the rest of the Temple of the East. Also he fits well with the prepainted templars already. With these colors in mind I redesigned Mira's coloring to match. Leaving her hair alone as that is a focus of her as a character. So I opted for a white robe to match her older borthers as well as gold colored trim to her armor to match his as well. I spent some time applying a red/orange/yellow wash to the base of her blade Hauteclaire to help give the sense of heat to the object without having it become the focus of the whole blade and thus apply to much color not on the minature itself and draw your eyes away from Mira to her blade. I think the effect came off alright, its a bit chalky looking. Still for my first real attempt at that kind of effect I think it worked. Also her white robe didn't work as well as I would have liked. The black wash just dosn't work with it and provides to much contrast making the robes themselves look to flat. I think in the future I will water down a midtone grey to wash with white. I think that will provide a better transition than black does. sadly although I do pretty good with the faces of men.... Mira comes out looking a bit like a crossdresser rather than a woman. Maybe it is the skulpt but I think not (based on some future posts with women figures you will see soon.)

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