Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Temple of the South

So here we have my Temple of the South hero's Sered and Kyruss. I loved working on Sered he has so much going on in his attire. I really enjoyed all the little religious icons on hima nd painting those each up. I filled in the holy icon over his head with a firey red color rather than black like the original paint job by Rackham. I wanted to draw the viewers eye to that aspect, plus Merin is a god of fire and light. I really liked the almost egyptian styling to Sered's clothing. Very fitting for a man waging warfare in the deserts. I added a little metalic paint to both the white and the yellowing I applied the the cherubs ont he holy relic in Sered's right hand. I did this to give them a bit of a "glow", something to try and show why this is a holy relic he's holding. Allow the divine power of it to shine through as it where.

Similarly to the Temple of the East I redid Kryuss's coloring to allow him to fit more with his commander Sered. His original coloring was a lot more browns in both his cloak and robes. Being a Templar I opted for white robes, fitting withthe prepainted figures, but using similar highlighting of gold as Sered along the armor and various armor pieces to keep them similar in appearance. Lastly I finished off his cloak in brown to tie him back to his original paint job, but added some gold trim to the bottom to tie him again to Sered with his gold trimed cloak. Lastly the wolf pelt on his back being a part of his story maintained its grey/black shading.

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