Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Army of Acheron: Ejhin De Vanth

Ejhin is a very intresting piece. A very awsome looking necromancer to be sure. I wanted to stick with the very dark/blackish coloring Rackham had painted her for her C3 card. I also wanted to make her fit in with the colors used in the Ram army box just released. As such I decided to paint all the metal trim work in the bluish metalic. I kept the robes in dark purple and black-grey. Both layers started out black/nearly black. The helm/hat started pure black with a bit of grey highlights. As a central part of the figure I wanted that to be as pure black as I could to keep her necromatic powers obvious. The end of her staff I worked into a slow color shift from that metalic blue to black along its twisted length. I choose grey almost alien looking skin tones as I just felt they fit for her. She is a nearly immortal undeadish being. The grey tones to her skin give her a kind of... washed out look, as if her very sins have stolen the very light of color from her skin.

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