Saturday, February 6, 2010

SO 78: Eclipse

Continuing with my previous work on the missing hero's for Confrontation I have moved on to Dirz, my griffin army having all its missing hero's now. Having seen what hero groups will be coming out this year, and Eclipse being missing from that, also it contains one of the stronger casters for Dirz, the Desert Rose, I chose to start with Eclipse. Although admittably I don't have the metals for SO 38: Theben. I didn't get all ther hero's finished as the Desert rose has two profiles, one on foot and the other equiped with her living cloak. I havn't finished painting the latter version yet. I choose to paint her as if she was wearing a body stocking rather than wearing armor that covered so little. Mostly as a nod to my wife who dosn't think very well of this particular aspect of our gaming culture. Perhaps the most difficult aspec of painting her was the face. I wanted to make the skin seem alien, without making it to diffrent. She is a clone after all, but still a human clone. I opted for a nice base coat of a purple color with some thinned out flesh tones over that to allow the transparency of the paint to show the purple under the skin. I used a similar technique on her armor. Rather than constantly make shades of a greenish metalic, I opted instead to base paint the armor ina dark emerald green metalic color. Then appliy lighter shades of slightly tinted metalics over that, finishing with a slight drybrushing of straight honed steel to giver her armor a green undertone but not have that be an overdominate color of the armor. I think the effect came out really well.

The almost neon green metalic you see used as an accent upon both miniatures is a mix of Testors Gold Gloss and Green Gloss (neon green color). Mixed 50/50 it comes out in this most scorpion metalic green. I fell in love with this color while doing my aberation so long ago, and have used this to accent the armies of the Scorpion since. It's a great unifying color for the army.

While painting Sin Assyris I had some issues. Mostly creative. He was totally uninspiring to me. To much armor and I just didnt' see myself fielding him much either. Becouse of this I kept him pretty simple and just base coated, washed, and applied a few highlights to him. All that said I think the eyes, lenses came out looking pretty good. They are perhaps the only thing on this miniature I was really happy with how it came out. Similarly the vials on the Desert Rose also came out nice.

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