Monday, February 15, 2010

Work in Progress: Tarascus part 2

So I finished base coating this baby, and finished assembling it. I wanted the weathering and highlighting to be uniform acrost the miniature rather than by the part and have the possibility of them not matching up once assembled. Also now that the base coating is done I think that washes will work better applied to a fully assembled miniature rather than to the parts. (The pigment will get into the cracks/joints of the attached pices this way.). As with all my work I start with the darkest shade of coloring and work my way back up with highlights, after applying a wash over the whole of the miniature. So what you see here is pre wash and highlights, except for the face. I did a little more highlights to the miniatures face. Really lightening up the underside of the creature. I plan to keep the skin lightest on the bottom, much as real animals tend to be. Still I'm all excited about this piece now that the base coats are done. Now I can really get into the fun part of painting. The best part, even with just a base coat I think the miniature is looking really great. This thing will be great to stick on the table. I've already gotten ahold of two 4" sable foam trays to hold this sucker. I'm going to sandwitch it between them, the top one turned upside down. I will be hollowing out a pretty big area around the balde on the the head to keep it from getting hit be the tray and possibly snapped off while lifting it from the foam or if the foam scissors any in the case. Fortunatly a lot of the body will extend up into the second tray and if I cut that pretty tight around the body it should prevent it from slidding latteraly any and thus keep the blade protected.

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Bonaf said...

It looks nice even without shading and highlights. Good job !