Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ram vs Lion - Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object

Well this week I had a fun game of Confrontation at the old local gaming store. I played the Army of the Ram while my opponent played the Lion. Theintresting part came from two of our incarnates and their particualar line up. Essentially he was fielding a lion hero who with the artifacts he possesed would ignore the first three wounds he received to a minimum of zero. I was fielding the almighty crane witht he Abyssal Weapon. Esentially I eliminated a fighter, any fighter in contact for each attack test success. Both of our star incarnate units ended up fielding on the same edge of the table and both charged for the same objective, a mystic fountain of water. His units being faster he arrived first and held the fountain for a round before my unit arrived and coontested it. (First picture).

At this point I won authority and proceeded to charge the paladins who had been valiantly holding the fountain. The results where devistating. With one blow I fell the great hero of the lion. My undead minions slew a few paladins but a fair share of them survived. (Picture 2).

Faced with such an unstopable force the Paladins decided to valiantly flee this battle before they all lost their lives and go perhaps hunt down those nasty tigers of dirz that had been eating their fellow Guardsmen. (Picture 3). Although my tigers would be slaughtered the delay they had instilled in the lion had assured me victory.

All in all it was a great game. My opponent is fairly new to confrontation and we both laughed at the situation on the fountain. Had he deployed that unit on the other side of the table from me. My Almighty Skull would have simply held the fountain and been picked at by archers, while his hero slaughtered his way around the table. All in all a fun time by both of us.

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