Friday, February 12, 2010

Army of the Acheron: Gorgon

Alright I ahve to admit, beyond her tenticle legs, I was totally not inspired by this piece at all. Her leather robes, hair and even face left me with about zero wish to paint her. Still the end effect will work well on the table. I only finished/painted her becouse she is the most powerfull caster for the Ram I have so far. Summon undead being a great spell I really wanted to field a couple units capable of summoning forth the hordes of undead to swamp my enemy under a mound of the dead. Still her minaiture held just so little of intrest for me to paint. The hair/skin of the heads se holds was so intermingled it was difficult to make them stand out as seperate elements. Her huge leather jacket wasn't a help either, and rackhams C3 card and its paint coloring wasn't any help at all.
So I'm sorry to say, I pretty much just phoned in this minatures paint job. Oh well. I've got a nice Orphan of Avagadu coming that I think well be a blas to paint.

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