Saturday, February 6, 2010

Army of Acheron: Melmoth

The Ram of Acheron having come out recently I wanted to get some extra hero's done for it. So far only the Almighty Skull and Azael have been released. Melmoth is out as a Resin legendary figure, but I already had two in metal so I thought I should get one painted up. Having gotten my army box already I noticed a heavy use of a fairly dark blue metalic on nearly all the skull warriors, black paladins and even the Almighty Skull himself. With that color in mind I decided I would use a similar color to help tie the undead hero's together much as I've used that metalic scorpion green on the Army of Dirz. On this miniature I only used it sparingly, unlike the army box I get the feeling Melmoth is supposed to be really old. His attire dosn't match with any existing army and has more similarities with viking's in style. Keeping that in mind I applied a very heavy black, then rust then brown wash to most the figure. giving him a very dirty, rusted out look that I think gives him that special something. I only applied that blue mix to the face on his sword, the skulls on his back and the rings ont he back of his legs. After the heavy washing they are very subdued in coloring and I think this fit with his overall style. His skin seemed a mix of bone/desicated mummey like flesh. So I went with the darker bone coloring I had of Aged Bone and Ancient Bone to keep it dark. Withthe wash and a little highlighting I think it came out well. To keep the actual bone elements such as the spine onthe sword seperate from his skin in coloring I mixed in a little tanned skin shadow as a medium layer to seperate their coloring and give the spine a more alive/fleshy look that helped to make it a distinctive element.

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