Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So I've been hearing about Wyrd Miniatures newest game, Malifaux since the D6 Generation went to Gencon and espoused upon its virtues to their listeners, me. I must admit I have had an intrest in the game since then, but having been working to get Confrontation and AT-43 played in my local gaming area, without widespread success, I was leery of getting into another game that no one was playing. Well a group independent of me has started playing the game, and those in my group playing Confrontation with me had made and order to play Malifaux. So I broke down and got a hold of the rulebook, I told myself at the time it was to figure out if I wanted to play before I dug myself in too far. The truth is more akin to figuring out what crew I wanted to run before picking up models.

I took me a whole 4 hours of reading through the rulebook to decide the following. A.) I was hooked and wanted to play. B.) I was drawn to two crews, the Ortega Family as well as Pandora. I liked the western feel of the Ortega’s, not having anything western themed at all it would be a good fill in for other western themed games that may come up in the future. However I learned that the group getting into the game already had a solid Ortega player, and no one playing Pandora. After reading the stats and how they worked I was truly intrigued. This is a crew that will not work in the typical fashion. They don’t really fit into a play style standard that I know of. They are not brawlers, they are not shooters really either. They do some of both but their real strategy is to have the enemy almost literally eliminate themselves. So far that is how I see them anyway. They manipulate and confound your enemy, and in the end force him to pay for every action he takes against you.

To say I am unfamiliar with how to run a band based around this kind of strategy is an understatement, yet I am looking forward to the mental wing stretching. The very foundation of how this crew works seems to demand a lot of imaginative undertaking from the player to pull out victory. You have to game both your opponent and the cards to make them work. So I put in my order and have my crew showing up. Being such a minimal figure count, I wanted to go all out on these guys and also ordered the Victorian base inserts as well as the accessories to really spruce them up. I think I may have found a new painting inspiration to get me over the marathon attempt that painting my Tarrascus has been so far.

Speaking of that beast of a critter, weathering is done, and the leather armor is all painted up and highlighted ect. I just have the flesh to highlight, and the strapping to highlight as well. Then go back do a little touch up to some detail elements and it should be done. I work on it a bit every day but no long hauls on it and I’m making progress again so yay.

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